head shotPrecious Friends,

I am going to STOP worrying about the cancer ending my life and START Living each day with peace and passion for God’s purpose and people. 

The truth is: All THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with God and none of us have tomorrow. With that being said, it leads us to THE CROSS where we must make a choice to BELIEVE that the RESURRECTION POWER of Christ and HIS BLOOD on the cross is enough to bring healing. SO GOD ALONE gets the glory!!

I finally understand what it means to lose your life to gain it, and as painful as this past year of loss has been, THERE IS NOTHING I’ve lost that has greater value than doing the will of God until He brings me home. I know many of you have had suffering that you do not understand and I am so sorry for what you have walk through. But we’re NOT home yet, and the Lord’s Army is needed now more than ever on the front line to lead those who are lost to the Lord


Sheri Rose


Too many times we are so focused on what we are not allowed to do and eat that we end up feeling deprived and depressed, as if following Christ were more of a burden that a blessing. It’s time to let go of guilt, grab hold of grace, and recapture the life God craves for you. In Chocolate for Your Soul, bestselling author and speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd encourages you to embark on a new adventure with faith and food. She reveals the food coaching tips that enabled her to lose more than 50 pounds and keep them off. She also shares recipes in celebration of the healthy, delicious food our God created for us to enjoy!


Today, Sheri Rose is determined to conquer cancer in Christ by taking a step of faith in 2017 by stepping back out on the platform to minister once all of us again. This time with an even more powerful, passionate, and deep compassion for His Princesses than ever before.
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