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Welcome Home

Precious Friends,

I am going to STOP fighting for my LIFE and START fighting for my FAITH.

To be totally honest with you, I must admit that I have always had faith for everyone else, but somehow struggle to believe in blessings for myself.

I have done everything I could to beat this cancer with man; there are no doctors that have been able to figure out why these tumors keep spreading.

The truth is: with man, this has become impossible to beat, but with GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. With that being said, it leads me to THE CROSS where I must make a choice to BELIEVE that the RESURRECTION POWER of Christ and HIS BLOOD on the cross is enough to bring healing to my body. GOD ALONE gets the glory!!

I finally understand what it means to lose your life in order to GAIN it. As painful as this past year of loss has been, THERE IS NOTHING I’ve lost that has greater value than doing the will of God until He brings me home. I know many of you have had suffering that you do not understand and I am so sorry for what you have walk through. But we’re NOT home yet, and the Lord’s Army is needed now on the front line.

Please pray that my faith continues to increase so I may have the strength to lead us all in an extraordinary FIGHT & FAITH ADVENTURE when we launch our new online membership ministry for His Princess this Labor Day.

I would love for you to join me. If you are not already signed up, please take a moment to watch the members video below.


Sheri Rose

New Members Video

I’ve asked the Lord to give me the strength and wisdom to share with you everything I have learned from the past 25 years of women’s ministry; God made a way. Take a few moments to watch this video, then pray and ask God to lead you in this decision and, if you’re ready for an all-new-faith-adventure together, watch then simply click the registration link on the top menu to secure your place in my private mentoring membership! Once I receive your registration notification, you will receive an email confirmation from me letting you know your place is secured.

Sheri’s Cancer Battle

This has been the hardest season of my life. I lost my marriage, my health, and many friends and family that didn’t know how to handle the news of my cancer and left my side. God in His goodness, supernaturally used all my tears to heal my broken heart and birth a new passion for new ministry.

Chocolate Sample Video
I’ve had the honor of coaching a healthy lifestyle to thousands of women each year online. These women have seen the most amazing breakthroughs and blessings as a result of this program. Now, thanks to our team, we can give my online coaching as part of your membership. Take a chocolate sample for your soul by watching the video your going to see some of the amazing things your His Princess membership includes
Live Conference

It’s time to Dance on the Battlefield once again. Watch this powerful 3 minutes of conference highlights with Sheri Rose as she shares with passion:  how to get your fight back, finish strong, and fall in love with God all over again. Get ready to laugh and learn how to embrace life’s battles.

Girl Talk with God

Join Sheri Rose and your sisters in Christ from around the world for some REAL Girl Talk with God, RAW FAITH, and POWERFUL Prayer time together ON OUR LIVE CALL!
Every Monday Evening-5:00pm Pacific,
6:00pm Mountain,7:00pm Central,8:00pm Eastern
Our Group Number: (641)715-0700
Our Access Code: 851291

Bible Life Coaching

Every one of us has times in our lives when we need some loving mentoring. Each of my Bible Life Coaching videos is 10 minutes full of treasures of truth, timely words of wisdom, and a prayer for you. Watch this sample video devotional of the 100 plus videos you will have access to as a member.