Fighting For My Life

I was sure my personal battles were behind me-until Monday, June 29, 2015, as I sat in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen for a lump that was in my left breast. To be honest, because I eat so healthy, I was confident that they would tell me it was a cyst, or “worst-case scenario,” the beginning stages of cancer that could be removed in a simple surgery. To my surprise, my gynecologist immediately sent me over to the top breast cancer surgeon in Riverside County. Their medical team seemed to sense an urgency as they quickly did an extensive 3-D mammogram, blood work, and three ultrasounds.

Many thoughts raced through my mind as I was awaiting the results. Then the door flew open and the head doctor of radiology walked in the room and said, “You’re about to fight a battle for your life because you have one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer (Inflammatory Breast Cancer), and from the ultrasound, it looks like it has already entered your lymphatic system.”

My first thought was, “God, haven’t I been through enough?” Then my second thought was, “My God is bigger than this doctor’s report.” The real battle wasn’t with my health, it was the the fear that gripped me. I cried out to our God in prayer of panic, “What about my family, my daughter, my son, and grandchildren? Who will take care of my 80 year old mom who lives with me?” I heard the Lord whisper to me the verse in John 11:4, When He heard this; Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.”

Today, I stand in a place where I must choose to trust the Lord for my healing and for the help and prayer covering of my friends and family. I know my road ahead will not be easy, but I know He has paved the way and will prepare me to fight this battle.

I know many of you are in your own battle physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally, and you may feel alone or in need of a mentor to walk with you through your journey of faith online. After all, we are a spiritual family and this battle is not just about me and your battle is not just about you. It’s about learning to trust our Heavenly Father to fight for His beloved daughters until the battle is won and He is glorified every step of the way.