Precious Friends of Sheri Rose,

This is Nimyah, and I am Sheri Rose’s Personal Manager and have been volunteering with the rest of her team during the past year to help her to keep ministering to all of you while she is fighting cancer.

She is so close to winning this cancer battle, but she needs at least 3 more months of Vitamin C IV Therapy treatments to rebuild her immune system. If you know Sheri Rose’s heart, then you know how hard it is for her to ask for help.

To be honest, she is out of funding for immune rebound treatments and the tumors are slowly spreading again. As you know, she has not been able to work for two years, she takes care of her 82-year-old mother while she’s been fighting this cancer. Her only income has been the generous gifts that you all have given, and when you purchase books on her bookstore at

If you could please pray about helping her one last time with funding to complete this healing and help her get back out to minister to us once again.

It is requested that you please ONLY GIVE a gift IF you are able, because Sheri knows many of you need funding as well. She would not want any of you to give a gift if you are also in need of financial help.

We, her volunteer team, are asking our God to provide and are trusting the outcome.

We all love Sheri Rose and want to help where we can. Please keep praying and if you are able to assist.


Nimyah Pulley

His Princess Ministries